Website Created by Gilbert Schembri 2008

Thanks to my ever so supportive Family, Mum and Dad, Three amazing brothers, Nathan, Joshua and Sam, Deirdre Lily, your love, help, encouragement and always being there for me in every possible way.

My True friends for life Jean Miceli, Shaun Grech, Konrad and Malcolm Borg, Mathew Deguara, without you guys I wouldn't be here!

Alan, Beverly, Louise, Honor and Terry, The Maureen's and everyone up in the UK, John and Paul Preca Trapani (Great Film Producers) , Uncle John and Auntie Doris and all the Maltese side of the Family (too many to mention!) Jean, Amanda, Maria, Frank (Jon Lukas) and Mary Agius, Patrick Alvarado, Michelle and the Caruana family.

Special Thanks to Shaun Hill @ Soundhouse Recordings, Anthony and Norbert @ Image Design, Shaun Grech for the radiolizing vino vocals, Niki Gravino for the 8layers of true vocal talent and Beverly Cutajar for the vocal engineering on ‘Cover your Eyes', Sarah Zammit the beautiful voice and Drew Zammit for Sarah's vocal coaching on ‘On your mind'. Dave (Dizzy) Leguesse rapper and Lyricist like no other, Brenda Farrugia for the divine voice on ‘Angli', Gilbert Schembri for the great website.

Graham and Sharon Bencini, Louise Peck, Ira Losco, Kevin Debattista (amazing spray job on the drums), Romina, Fefu, Turu, Nicky and Marc Casolani, Keith Marshall, Woody Aki, Jonathan Felter, Ozzy Lino, Martin & Hannah King @EMI UK, Maria Barham, Winston Azzopardi (great Director) , Michael Bugejja, Sandra, Edward Zammit Mample, Ben Borg Cardona, Marie Benoit and everyone @ The Malta Independent, Manic Magazine, Siro @ Torca, Howard Keith and Paul Zammit Cutajar @ Farmhouse Studios, Robert Camilleri @Photo Classic, Duncan Barry and Herman Grech @The Times, Malta Today, In Nazzjon, Tune in, Kullhadd, John Bundy, Peter Busutill, Joe Tanti, Dominator J, Pierre Cordina, JC @XS, Marius @ Vogue , La Marketing, Pierre @ New Millennium, William Mangion, Pierre and his Dancers, Patrick @Dive wise, Dorothy Lapira and David at San Andrea School.

Terry Farrugia, Ian and Kevin Decesare, Gianni, Drew, Jonathan Able, Ian Lang, Chris Vee, Simon Pisani, Chris Camilleri, Malcolm B, Toni Tony, Malcolm G, Rachael, Vanessa and all @Bay Radio

Duncan F, Luke Skywalker, Konrad Heal, Alfie Fabri, DJ Ruby, Jjoy, Joseph Armani, Miss Roberta, Steevy Vee, Simon B, Franco, Steve Caesar, Konrad SK, Matt Fenech.

Last but not least, all the friends, fans and anyone who I may have left out who keep my inspiration and music alive