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Toby has created a large number of music productions including various Artist Albums and Remixes for Sean Ensign (no.9 in UK club charts) Karen Danzig, (Top UK Artist), Jill Criscuolo (Top US Artist), Kristina Casolani, Ira Losco, Screamdaisy, William Mangion, Tangerine Dream, Dave (Dizzy) Leguesse, Sixth Simfoni, Sarah Zammit, Soprano Brenda Farrugia, Shaun Grech (Syrup), Coryse Borg, Sue Roseworth, Elvira Keilm, Mark Millinger, J Anvil, Larissa, Jon Lukas, and others


- Score and Soundtrack for German/Maltese Movie ‘Angli'

- Soundtrack for German film production ‘A tribute to Rocky'

- Score, Soundtrack and Special FX for Documentary ‘The Malta George Cross'

- Score and Soundtrack for underwater Documentary ‘The Wreck Detectives'

Right Click on the tracks and choose Save Target As to listen to a sample of the track

8 Ugly - Find (Toby Remix) Davide Tucci - Trust Me
Aaron Benjamin - In My Head (Toby Rmx) Jill Criscuolo - I'm Sorry
Aaron Benjamin - Let It All Go (Toby Rmx) Laura - You Bruise Me
Brooke - Baby Love (Toby Remix) Martina - You Breathe Life
Chris Ellul - Would You Ever Let Go Soon You Will See (Song for Istrina)
Chris Enriquez - Because Of You (Toby Remix) Strana - Meet Me On The Dancefloor
Dale Degas - Let You Know  
Daniela Delicata - Endless ROCK
David Bonnici - New Beginning Aaron Benjamin - Let It All Go
Francesca - Escape Jon Lukas - Better Man
Ira Losco - Idle Motion (Toby Remix) Jon Lukas - Far Away
J Anvil - Another Day Maria - Your Name
Jeremy T Ft. Raquela - Loved and Lost Martina - Untrue
Jill Criscuolo - Now You'll See Sam - All About You
Karen Danzig - Angel Of Love Veronica - Blown Away
Kristina Casolani - Leaving  
Larissa - Brand New Start CHILLOUT
Niki Gravino - Pieces Clifford Borg - Secret Energy
Onyx - Letting Go Into The Blue
Onyx - No More  
Ryan F - One Touch FILMS
Ryan F - Surrender Angels The Movie (Intro)
Sean Ensign - Everytime It Rains Devil May Care - James Bond Theme
The Adams Family - Toby Remix Malta George Cross Intro
Thomas Hedley - In Ecstacy  
Toby & Kristina Casolani - Search JINGLES
Toby - Get Up Melita Mobile Ring Tone
Toby & Kristina Casolani - Traces  
Toby & Kristina Casolani - Touch Me (2009 Remix) R'n'B
Toby Ft. Jo Mardell - Believe Me Martina - Notebook
Toby Ft. Niki Gravino - Cover Your Eyes  
Yazz - The Only Way Is Up  

Various Music Productions and Jingles for TV programs including Miss Italia, Paq Paq, Kilo, Arena, Virus and many others

Tobymusic Productions offer a vast selection of Professional Audio services

-Digital Recording, Editing and Mixing
-Professional Mastering Services
-Audio Restoration and Transferring, CD, Tape, Minidisk, LP
-Production and Musical Arrangement Services
- Drumming Lessons

Mixing, Mastering and Editing. Acoustically designed for perfect sonic reproduction.

Composition (From song design, lyrics and vocal coaching)
Sound Design
Music Production

For all types of Audio Production including:
Artists (All Genres)
Multi Media
Computer Games

Studio Equipment List

The studio consists of:

Control Room : 5mtrs by 5.5mtrs

Live Room : 5.5 mtrs by 6.5 mtrs for vocals, guitars, drums, percussion and other instruments

Computer Systems:

Mac OSX 10.5 running Logic Pro 8, Mac book Pro, Custom Dual Pentium 4 Processor 3.06GHz computers 200 GB Internal Storage, Sony CD writer, Sony ATI backup , two 20 inch TFT Screens synched to Dell and Toshiba Laptops

Studio Speakers:

Nearfield Monitors:

Code High Resolution Studio Monitors
Roland Digital 24Bit Studio Monitors
Marantz 3 Way Load Speaker System Studio Playbacks
Infinity Reference Speakers

Surround Monitors: Creative 7.1, Yamaha sub bass

Studio Power Amps:
Inter M, Cambridge Audio, Behringer 4 Channel Microphone Preamps

Audio Software  
Digidesign® ProTools® Traktor
Sound Forge Cool Edit Pro
Logic Audio Pro Sonar Wavelab


Audio Technica ATH-M40fs,
Sennheiser HD255P, Fostex T20RP, Sony MDR7506

Huge selection of plug-ins and effects including:

Waves Platinum Bundle
Waves Renaissance Collection 2
Waves Masters Bundle
Waves Restoration Bundle
Antares Auto-Tune 3
TC Native Reverb and EQ
Orange Vocoder
Aphex Aural Exciter
Aphex Big Bottom Pro

Onboard I/O Interface with high definition custom 64 inputs, 64 outputs
PV 31 band EQ
Lexicon ALEX Digital Effects Processor
ZOOM Studio 1204 Studio Reverb/Vocoder
Digitech Digital Delay System


A selection of valve, condenser and solid state microphones are available

AKG C 414
Audio Technica
Shure SM 58
Shure Beat 52




In House Instruments:

Ajax Custom Pro Classic Birch Re-Issue 5 Piece, Tama 6 Piece Custom, double pedal

Tackimine and Walden Acoustic Guitars, Legacy Custom Classic Electric Guitar

Several wind instruments
Bongos and several Percussion instruments

Playback and Record: Tascam CD-RW5000, Sony Mini Disc

Midi :

M-Audio Keystation Pro 88
Korg Triton
Korg Polysix
Edirol PCR30



Dj: Decks 2 x Numark 1650's and Gemini Mixer

SFX Library : An extensive collection of sound FX, Samples and huge Sound archive